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So, I don't know what's up with Show, but it's making me want to post things!  Maybe that's good?  Or bad in the case that probably 3 people on my "flist" remember me and the rest of you are wondering who this random person is.  ;)
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I'm taking a break from fandom.  Admittedly, I've not been very engaged in these last years mostly due to RL commitments, but it feels like the right time to step back, or at least tell myself that I'm taking a break officially so I'm not feeling a weird sense of obligation to stay half-tuned into what's going on, which I've tried to do even though I've not been posting.  It saddens me a little that I'm not feeling up to keeping up with debates/discussion/meta, something I've so enjoyed in the past.  But I feel a sense of futility when I read wanky, cranky, ranty, accusatory meta and wonder how that's at all productive and enjoyable for me (however, it may be engaging and interesting for everyone else and that's awesome).  I'll still be watching SPN and posting at spnematography, but beyond that I'll be hibernating.  So this is me giving myself permission to sign off from the larger beast that is the SPN fandom for a while.  Maybe I'll catch some of you on the flip side if you're still around, too.  Take care of yourselves, flisties.  I'm hoping I'll eventually wander back, invigorated and bursting with stuff to say, but most of all loving SPN and fandom again. 

S9 SPN Thoughts

Surprise!  I'm still here (barely)!  Argh, you guys, so many Show thoughts, so little time!!!!!!   So I’m suppose to be working on grant applications for Important Things for one of my kids, but instead my brain wants to think about SPN.  This is so typical that I’m thinking I should try to trick myself into thinking I have Important Time-Sensitive Things to do in order to puke out things like this that I normally wouldn’t bother to find the time to do (because, you know, making dinner and washing laundry and driving kids all over the world is all time consuming (and sometimes coma inducing)).  Part of me just wants to write on these applications: “Just give me the money, OKAY!?!” but I don’t think that would be very convincing even with a smiley face and a promise not to spend it self-medicating on chocolate.

I'm glad to be seeing Show discussion at all (even though I can't seem to find time to read any of it *fail*) considering that I've felt like a lot of LJ has closed down and/or people (like me) have stopped commenting/posting because of general Show malaise and not wanting to stomp all over everybody else's parade.  So I’m going to add my 2 cents, which may be totally out of step with the general consensus (or not) and is probably after the fact (but I wouldn’t know bec. I’ve been sadly missing out on my frolic-on-the-internet time … somebody give me a respite grant!)  Here are some probably highly unorganized thoughts about this season:

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SPN 9x04


When The End Comes

After watching this I'm now convinced that this song must be playing (instead of Skynyrd's "Free Bird") in the final moments when SPN fades to black forever (barring the motion picture release a couple years down the road *wink*).  I dare you to watch this and not cry.  Robert Plant cried it was so freaking amazing.

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Why Abaddon Has Every Strategic Advantage

So last night I went to finish another meta, but this came out instead.  My brain was Abaddon-jacked.  Oops. ;)

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Mmmm, druuggs

Cluster headache is on temporary leave (wheeee, drugs), it's midnight, and it occurred to me that our new title cards looks like an angel splatted on a foggy windshield, so I had to do this:

That blue thing is a tie.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  *tisk tisk*  :P

And poor Cas.  No hard feelings, okay?

My Head is Broken, That's My Excuse

So sorry for sucking at replying to comments and anything else I've not been able to do, but I have a valid-ish excuse.  It's something terribly mundane and gross sounding at the same time: CLUSTER HEADACHES otherwise endearingly known as "suicide headaches" (which totally makes me feel better, not).  From my google/WebMD search (I know self diagnosis is not smart, but when you feel like you want to rip your brain out of your ear with a needle-nosed pliers because you're sure there's a metastasizing tumor wrapping around your optic nerve and you can't get into the doctor for a week, speculative answers are better than none) apparently these babies are super intense (think red hot poker pressed into one part of your brain over and over and over and over....) and super painful (gee, really?) and nobody knows why they happen or how they go away and can last for hours to days to week to months.  WTF HEAD!????  Whyyyyyyyy?  So besides not feeling 100%, I end up freaking out the world at large (because, you know, kids and life mean that I can't just crawl into a dark hole under my house and die) by lurching around wincing and trying not to clutch my head.  And I made myself laugh yesterday realizing that I probably look like Sam Winchester having a vision with all the staggering and wincing while trying to act like absolutely nothing is wrong because it's embarrassing to be in the middle of Target staring at baby butt cream and obviously looking like you're having psychic death visions.  Oh gah, this is so not funny that's it's stupidly hilarious in a dumb way.  So, yeah, I was sincere in my yay!Meta post and have lots of Show thoughts and want to be all talky about 9x01, but my brain has other ideas for the foreseeable future.  :(  So annoying....


SPN 9x01

META!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bring it. \o/\o/\o/
So apparently when I'm super busy and stressed out, my brain's way of coping is to retreat to a place of total irrelevance and expend lots of energy into thinking about things that will absolutely not result in any real life productivity or reduction in the aforementioned crazytimes and stress (and then taking precious time to write a meaningless post about it, using lots of annoying parenthetical comments).  And this is apparently how/when SPN meta and Show Thoughts hijack my life. -_-  Or it could be that I've realized Show is starting soon and I've not written anything about it for a really, really long time despite the fact I have some apparently raging, strong opinions on lots things including last season (and why I'm giving Carver the sink eye even though I don't want to care that much); the spin off, trends in the entertainment industry, and this upcoming season; the last 10 minutes of 8x23 and Carver and his 3-year "plan" (and why I'm still giving him the stink eye even though I don't want to care that much); supporting characters, why I still can't get on the Castiel and Crowley bandwagon, and the effects of fannish popularity vs. show runner vision (and why I'm still giving Carver the sink eye even though I don't want to care that much); and finally, based on all of the above, why the hell am I still watching this TV show, which obviously causes me to think way too much about non-RL things when I should be frosting birthday cupcakes and cleaning toilets.  Blarghhhh!  You guys, I'm so mentally constipated it's almost painful.  Someone send me a babysitter or 30.  And froufrou coffee.  And a 36 hour day.  And kids who don't zombie sleepwalk into my room and body slam me in bed 6 times a night.  On a cautiously brighter note: S9 is almost here (hopefully I won't be giving Carver the stink eye at the end of the premiere).  *runs away to a place with coconuty drinks and grass huts*

Yay, I LOVE SPN Parties!

Just a quick post to say, "YAY! SPN FANDOM!!!!"  I love that Show love is circulating like a rampant cases of head lice (OK, that simile is sort of gross).  Thanks so much to everyone on my flist who is posting such awesome and interesting tidbits about their insights and personal connections to SPN and its characters and how that's evolved over the last 8 seasons.  It's so interesting to learn more about each of you and what brings you here.  In a way, I feel like this collected squee-ish vibe is reminiscent of S2/S3 when it seemed that LJ was a hotbed for all things SPN, and it's nice to see that even though social media and other fannish platforms have changed the fannish population on LJ, there is still a definite community here--one that's interested in connection, sharing, celebration, and positivity.  :)  So thanks everyone for being here and spending the time to contribute to the SPN Love Party!

And on a totally hypocritical note, I'm swamped in RL so I have very little to contribute to the party except for this post *uber sadface x a millionthousandbagillion* and my virtual cheerleading pompoms, obnoxious herkie jumps, and these celebratory gifs.  You guys rock!

A day in the life (and probably TMI)

Today I discovered a bunch of things:

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SPN Rec: Tea Pot Set (I want one! OMG.)

I saw this rec on rocksalt_recs and am repeating it here because this SPN themed tea pot set is absolutely amazing (and not just because it reminded me of being 5 and having an awesome cup with a ceramic duck stuck to the bottom of it).  The details are awesome and humorous (see the Gabester's sugar pot) and so spot on.  And the picture of Cas peering out over the edge of his tea cup with his shadow wings is somehow adorable.  If you search the tags on the post, you'll be able to find the post on the tea pot itself that shows Crowley standing on the bottom of the pot in a devil's trap holding a tea cup.  Nothing like drowning the King of Hell over and over again in holy water tea.  Maybe Sam and Dean should take note.  ;)

And now I'm going to have to find an awesome cup with a ceramic duck stuck to the bottom of it for ME my kiddos because if that doesn't get them to finish their milk then nothing will. 
So I realize I just posted a super dense and ranty thing about everyone’s favorite subject … politics.  And just so you all know I don’t really run around all day with an angry rain cloud over my head or leak steam from my ears while standing in line at the grocery store (and because I’m feeling super chatty lately, which probably has nothing to do with me being sick and, therefore, feeling like I get a big fat pass on all the stuff I’m supposed to be doing *side eyes rumpled laundry in the dryer*), here’s a glimpse of some of the amusing parts of my week:

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The State of the State of North Carolina

Hello flist,

I’m not sure how many of you follow national or US politics, but good f***, the state I live in is going down the crapper.  Literally.  I’ve usually refrained from using LJ for RL life rants, but grumbling about this with A and select friends and getting disbelieving and sympathetic comments from my parents only goes so far.  I’m so angry I can’t see straight, thus the political post to vent ALL THE FRUSTRATION in a safe, harmless way.  If this isn’t your thing or if you’re a staunch tea party member stop reading now.

I've decided to make this entry public because we're all adults and I figure if I'm going to talk the talk I better walk the walk.Collapse )

SPN 8x23

This is probably the rantiest post I’ve ever written.  Ever.  Do not read if you don’t want your Show squee to be harshed.

Fade to black and the first words out of my mouth were “What!?” Really, Show? REALLY!?!?Collapse )

Messy Pants

So I've been purposefully not thinking about SPN in an attempt to not paint a "this should happen" picture in my head so I don't have lofty expectations and get my hopes up in the likely chance--based on my tenuous, hot-and-cold relationship with this entire season--that I'll be massively disappointed and then grouchy and ranty when the credits roll at end of 8x23.  But the spoilers that have been trickling out have me literally messing my pants and thinking, "IS THIS FOR REAL?!" (the spoilers, not the messy pants).  I don't know if I should start fast clapping and screaming like a 10-year old at Harry Potter Land or if I should just stop. reading. spoilers. now. so I don't paint all sorts of elaborate "this should happen" pictures in my head only to be disappointed in the end.  Grawhahhh.  Why does it feel like SPN is the teenager I don't have: I simultaneously want and don't want to know what they're doing both for fear of what I'll find out and will and won't happen.  Show, you make me more insane than I already am.  *shakes fists*  BTW, I'm so glad you're coming back for S9, so you can prove to me you are responsible and trustworthy enough to have car privileges again.  *hugs and kisses*

Why does my mood theme not have an option for "insane"?!  Is that not a relevant state of mind?

What's Up Mash-up

1.  I knew that the SPN community on LJ has been in decline for a while, but I just about choked when I saw the most recent spnnewsletter.  A total of 8 items posted in the last day, 3 of which are fic?  Really?  I can't help but wonder if posts from some comms accidentally got left out, but somehow I'm inclined to think that it may be due to an overall lack of fannish inspiration.  Is this what happens when a show gets a little long in the tooth?  :(

2.  Who else is watching Kripke's "Revolution" on NBC?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Is it bad that I keep inserting Sam and Dean and thinking, "This would be so much better if there were Winchesters," or imagining that it's really SPN's 2014 post-apocalypse universe and expecting Dean and his thigh holster and stoner!Cas and his sandals to pop up from behind a bush, or saying out loud that "Revolution" needs a toilet-paper hoarding character like Chuck.  Bargh.  Apparently Show has ruined me for all other shows.

3.  I finally watched "The Hunger Games".  I know, I'm totally behind in pretty much everything (Don't even ask about my clothes.  I now understand those mom makeovers whereas before I always wondered how the heck someone could let themselves wear such clothes and look so ... mom-ish.  If I ever want to be stylish again, I'm going to have to go back to working outside the home so I have an excuse to literally buy an entire new wardrobe.  Yes, it's that bad.).  Now I'm going to have to actually read the books.  Wish me luck.  I haven't had the attention and time to read a published book since T was born.  Does anyone know anything about the "Hunger Games" fandom?  Active?  General demographic?  Super wanky and/or irrationally shippy?  LJ communities, yay or nay?

4.  How scary is "The Walking Dead"?  Like nightmare worthy or just-jump-around-in-your-seat-then-laugh-at-yourself scary or I'm-never-going-into-my-garage-at-night-EVER-AGAIN-EVER scary?  I watched a webisode series quite a while ago and cried the whole time because I was freaked out (OK, not cry cried, but apparently the flight and fright part of my lizard brain is hot wired to my tear ducts, I know, WEIRD).  Now I want to watch it because ZOMBIES *makes a zombie face*, but I'm afraid I'm just going to be a freaked-out teary mess who goes through a box of Kleenex every episode and then never goes into the garage at night EVER AGAIN EVER.

5.  Boston, you're in my thoughts tonight. 

SPN Director Meta: Serge Ladouceur (8x12)

“As Time Goes By” (8x12) was Serge Ladouceur’s, SPN’s Director of Photography, first solo directing gig.  I thought it was well done.  Not only was it filled with pleasantly surprising choices but also showed an understanding of how to exploit the camera to tell a complimentary visual story to the scripted story, making it feel like he really understood the dramatic purpose behind the scenes and manipulated the visual elements effectively and accordingly.  There are four notable examples that stood out to me that I’m going to geek out talk about below.

Wherein I go crazy with screencaps.Collapse )

SPN 8xwhaaaa?

Apparently this is what happens when an episode (8x10) leaves me making my bhuz face and saying, “Really?” at the TV

It's all about familiarity and liking what we know we like.Collapse )


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