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SPN Gen and Pre-Series Fic Recs

I’ve finally compiled some “stuff” for those of you who’ve been asking about SPN fic recs. Something I thought would be a short list morphed into something longish (I’m not a huge fic reader, but the high-quality writing in this fandom makes my rec list look like I am). Then while I was at it, I figured I should stick in my favorite videos because then I can pretend to be organized (or at least appear organized). Wow, I didn’t realize I’d watched that many videos “in my spare time” *twirls thumbs innocently*. Then I thought, “Why not just put in some other bits-o-fandom fun termed ‘Miscellaneous Entertainment’?” :) And because everything else had been complied I stuck in some of SPN communities that are active and a newbie guide to for good measure. ENJOY!

Het/Slash, AU/ Future, Humor/Crack fic recs are here.
Vid and misc. recs live 
Meta recs can be found

are must reads.
+ are new recs (1/15/08).

Author Recs
Anything by  gekizetsu  a.k.a. eighth_horizon  is solid and amazing.
coffee_in_bed  arranges words and details beautifully.

Gen Fic

+*On Warm Summer Nights by lyra_wing  (gen, drama, PG): John, Mary, Sam, and Dean spend time together even if it’s not exactly as a family. It’s a look at a young, courting John and Mary without a bad thing in sight. Beautiful, happy, hopeful, and just ahhh, read this if you’re overwhelmed by the angst. It’ll make you smile. 
+*any courage is a fear by musesfool  (gen, angst, PG-ish): A coda for “Heart” (2x17) that is quiet and painful and perfectly Sam and Dean. It shows how things can’t be fixed and that healing is about taking those tiny steps back to normalcy and letting things just be what they are.

+Cast This Anchor by iamstealthyone  (gen, drama, PG-13): Five times Sam took care of Dean. Sweet, angst-ridden, action-packed, and humorous, this fic has it all but never strays from the brotherly love. 

+How cold the vacancy by untrue_accounts  (gen, angst, PG): The only way demons know how to measure love is by the pain it causes and the holes it leaves behind. This coda to “BUaBS” (2x14) explores Sam’s headspace and draws some out some insightful thoughts about demons and love. Lovely words, too.

*300 Sunsets by lazy_neutrino  (gen, angst, PG-13, S3): The Impala has one last secret. Set thirteen months after “AHBL-2”. Concise and gorgeous and three-hundred times the angst of your standard fic. But it’s a good hurt. Really. 

*Whither Thou Goest by indysaur  (gen, drama, angst, PG, S2): The Winchester legacy and a sin-eater. This fic is a rare gem. The plot spools slowly, but the prose and details are so engaging and real that it makes up for the pacing. The plot breaks open in Part 2, and the ending will stay with you after you read the last word. This fic is dramatic in that quiet hit-you-when-it’s-over way.

Even the Sun's Got a Price on It by coffee_in_bed  (gen drama, PG, S2): A moment between Ellen and Bobby after “AHBL-2”. The authentic details make this real, and as far as I’m concerned this happened. 

All Souls Pass by tigriswolf  (gen, angst, PG, S3): A short, angst-ridden fic yielding insights on John’s desperate thoughts during “IMToD”. The way the boys are painted gives me the shivers. 
­­­­­­First Aid for the Balance-Impaired by philote_auctor  (gen, PG, S3): A missing moment from “BDaBR” (3x03). This is a mix of everything I love in this fandom sandwiched between canon events: great Sam and Dean voices, wee!chester reminiscing, ticklish Sam, and big brother Dean. This is a sweet little fic with a tiny twist of angst.
*And Fools Shine On by  gekizetsu  a.k.a. eighth_horizon  (gen, drama, angst, R-ish): This is my favorite fic. The characterization and brotherly dynamic is spot on. Dean is all self-sacrifice, hard edges, and cheeky, with just the right amount of conviction and badassery that seems to stretch everywhere but Sam. Sam is Sam: determined, methodical, focusing on the endgame, and grabbing onto hope with both hands as panic sets in.  The prose is lovely and the story is heartbreaking, intense, and well-paced. The transition into third person omniscient and navigation of narrative time into no time is so seamless it makes my head spin and reduces me to a spastic fangirl. The sequels (the Salvation Futureverse) are listed in chronological order here.
*We Walk the Same Line by poisontaster  (gen, action, my guess is PG-13ish): A hunt goes wrong. Dean needs to find Sam. You’ll be biting your fingernails by the end of the first sentence and speed reading to the end. The way this story leap frogs over itself and the glimpses into Dean’s headspace make it more than just another action fic.
*Somatic by  stillane  (gen, PG-13): I can’t say much without spoiling the premise. This is an amazing fic, one of the most fascinating I’ve read. I guarantee you will read it at least twice. The second time around you will need to forcibly hold your mouth shut as you re-examine the puzzle pieces. 
*The Days Don't End Here, My Friend by trollprincess  (gen, angst, R): Dean forever and ever and always tracing the generations back to the beginning.  I screamed about ten times while reading and then swore at the end. I’m incapable of anything more coherent. Excuse me while I pick up the pieces of my shattered heart.  Read this. Then read it again (if you can). 
*There'll be peace when you are done by lyra_wing   (gen, PG-13): This fic peels back the layers of Dean and what could’ve been behind his revelation in “Devil’s Trap”. The implications of Sam’s fortune are chilling. This fic gave me never-ending shivers.  
*And the Sun That Lights the Day by coffee_in_bed   (gen, angst, R): The ocean. Seashells. Memories. In the end it’s always Dean. Beautiful writing, a satisfying read, very lyrical and … feely (argh, how articulate am I? Look what this fic did to my brain). This will make your heart hiccup.
*Seasons: Dean, Seasons: Sam, and Seasons: John by leonidaslion  (gen, drama, character study, R): A trilogy that explores Dean, Sam, and John as they evolve with the seasons. Sam and Dean’s fics are balanced opposites and yield thoughtful insights into their characters. John’s fic cements the trilogy, filling the holes and giving Sam and Dean a beautiful symmetry that is so appropriate on a million levels. This should be required reading for anyone writing SPN fics because the Winchesters are explored through a filter that can’t be discussed in a straight forward meta-style way. Add to that gorgeous prose and anecdotes and you have a set of engaging fics that double as brain food. If you watch the show because you love the characters, you’ll gobble this trilogy whole.
Parts of Speech by  mona1347  (gen, angst, my guess is PG-13-ish): Dean finding the way back to himself after Sam leaves for Stanford. A clever presentation, lovely prose, and, oh, how thickly slathered the angst. Brillant.
Full Circle by  gekizetsu  a.k.a.  eighth_horizon   (gen, angst, PG): Economic and angst-ridden in all the right ways. The words will punch you in the face.
Crossing the Line by  gekizetsu  a.k.a. eighth_horizon   (gen, drama, horror, PG): This fic is The Twilight Zone meets Groundhog Day. It’s Sam, Dean, a real bridge, a real legend, and a creep factor that leaps off the scales.  Full of testosterone, witty banter, and that just-below-the-surface brotherly love, this fic reads like an early Season One episode with the boys relearning each other while navigating the twists and turns of a job.  The subtle changes in subtext, sensory details, and verb choice as the end nears are well done, lending to the progressively eerie atmosphere that will have the hair on the back of your neck standing at attention.
Crossroads by  gekizetsu  a.k..a. eighth_horizon   (gen, AU for “Scarecrow”, horror, angst, PG-13): Sam arrives too late. One word: chilling.   Just kidding, five more words: thank God this didn’t happen.
Crossroads Dirt by killabeez  (gen, AU post-Devil’s Trap, angst, drama, PG-13): Sam’s visions steer the Winchesters onto a different path during the days after the standoff in the cabin. If you have an overwhelming need to deny the events in “In My Time of Dying” this is the fic for you. Warning: much angst, some violence, and hurt!Dean. 
One Shot by  trolllogicfics  (gen, PG-13): You will stop and whisper, “Ooh” as the pieces clink together. It’s a novel idea, ingenious, and spooky. After you read this go watch the opening sequence in the Pilot and let your eyes linger on the Impala sitting in the driveway. Make sure the lights are on and you’re not home alone.
Indelible by  destina  (gen, drama, adult): A box of Dean’s secrets frames six stories told from different POVs. A lovely look into who Dean is, why he does what he does, and the things he will always carry with him. This fic floats along so effortlessly that you’ll be surprised when you reach the end. It’ll leave you satisfied and sighing. There are also pictures!
The Wonder of Each Hour by  destina  (gen/pre-series, angst, humor, PG): The stories behind the six contacts on Dean’s cell phone in “Scarecrow”. Each shows another facet of Dean on the road: his self-imposed solo act, secret hopes, personal sacrifices, instinct to protect, and his relationship with Sam.   

The Vanishing Glow by  sanyin  (gen, PG): Dean and the road under him. Sharp prose, gorgeous imagery, and for a lack of a better word just really GREAT. Read this when you’re in the mood for something impressionistic and melancholy.
The Hyacinth Garden by  sanyin  (gen, PG-13): A meandering look at Sam and what he wants. This is a beautiful companion fic to “The Vanishing Glow”. Insert everything I said about that fic here and turn it up a notch.  
Understand by  ultraviolet9a  (gen, angst, PG-13): Dean was more than words. Sam is determined to make it so again. Ouch, my heart. This fic will reaffirm your love for Sam.

Eurydice is waiting by  ultraviolet9a  (gen, PG-13): A style-forward look at Mary from the night in the nursery to “In My Time of Dying”. Read this when you’re in the mood for wordy words, curly prose, and poppies.
Give Me a Leonard Cohen Afterworld by  musesfool  (gen, drama, PG-13): Sam gets his ultimate wish, almost. Written before “What is and What Should Never Be”, it’s an original take on djinns and wishworlds. Interesting reinterpreting details such as Sam’s visions and the use of pentacles make it worthwhile.
Pre-Series Fic

+*Blankie by wenchpixie  (gen, pre-series, bawl your eyes out sad, Dean, PG): Dean lost more than his mommy in the fire. This fic is short and simple and chest-crunchingly, heartbreakingly, destroy-your-soul sad.  You. Will. Cry.
+*Merry Christmas, Darling by ficwriter1966  (gen, pre-series, happyfic, John/Mary, G): A beautiful depiction of John and Mary before the boys. Even though there’s not a drop of angst, this fic will make your heart ache for what was lost. You’ll want to mine the fandom for pre-series, pre-boys John/Mary fics after reading this.
+*Follow Through by cupiscent  (gen, pre-series, Adult): How Sam isn’t Dean. This is exactly how I imagine the boys’ teenage years were like complete with the high school dynamic and the teenage boy posturing. The writing is vivid and clear and doesn’t get in the way of the story. The last lines of dialogue deliver a nice punch. 

+To Drive So Far at Night by dsudis  (gen, angst, half pre-series half 1x01, G): Dean drives so Sam can sleep. A look back on the days after Mary’s death and how John, Dean, and little Sammy coped that flashes forward to the boys just after 1x01. Short and beautiful, this fic shows how the Winchester men show their love.

*Sweet Child O' Mine by erinrua  (gen, pre-series, drama, PG-13): How Sam got his money clip as seen in “Tall Tales”. This is for anyone who loves outside POV fics about Sam told from an insider’s perspective. The voice is John down to the military details and alternates between parental exasperation and concern, but never fails to convey his gruff love for his boys. Besides being well constructed, this fic offers satisfying glimpses into John’s head that jive with what we saw in S1.

*Home by eloise_bright  (gen, pre-series, happyfic, PG): John the morning after a winter hunt. A simple premise, a simple story, but wonderful writing. Young Sam and Dean are drawn beautifully here. It has a lovely John voice where his love lingers in between the words. 

Four Skies by eloise_bright  (gen, pre-series, humor, PG): “Sammy Winchester is a theologian’s nightmare.” This is how I imagine Sam would be as a four-year old. If you’ve spent time around young children you'll walk away grinning and nodding. A lovely, light summer read. 
And I Won’t Sympathise Anymore by fleshflutter  (gen, pre-series/Stanford, angst, PG):
Sam’s at school when he gets a phone call. I have a weakness for Dean’s weakness. This fic exploits it in the best way possible and jabs you in the heart on its way out.
First Hour by merryish  (gen, pre-series/Stanford, drama, angst, PG-13): At Stanford Sam finds something of Dean’s. Sam and Dean’s voices are authentic, not overly sentimental or too hard; it’s as if their dialogued walked off the pages of a script.  This fic shows brotherly affection the Winchester way. 

Holding Pattern by silverkit  (gen, pre-series, drama, angst, G): Dean taking care of sick Sam and waiting for John to return from a hunt. Perfect for when you’re in the mood for a sweet “awwww” fic, one that makes you want to bundle up those little boys and take them home.

*Deliberation by  gekizetsu  a.k.a eighth_horizon  (gen, pre-series/Stanford, drama, angst, PG-13): Sam leaves for Stanford. Out of all the renditions of the Sam-abandons-Dean-and-John fics, this one rings the truest to me. The dynamic between Sam, Dean, and John was lifted straight off the pages of “Dead Man’s Blood” and stuck into this fic. And like the subtext in the show, this fic is all about what is left unsaid. 
When Siblings eAttack by  gekizetsu  a.k.a. eighth_horizon  (gen, pre-series/Stanford, humor, R): Dean harassing Sam at Stanford on AIM in the way only Dean can do. Considering the word count, it’s brilliant. It catches Dean being Dean, big brother protector and big brother instigator/unrelenting teaser and source of all that Sam finds annoying, but clearly loves all the same.
Deo Volente by  gekizetsu a.k.a. eighth_horizon  (gen, pre-series, drama, PG): Why Sam had to remind Dean about the name of God in “Phantom Traveler”. Hoarfrost, crossbows, angst, and an eighteen-year old Dean who will always put Sam’s welfare before his own.
*Ten Going on Thirteen and Stay by  dodger_winslow  (gen, pre-series, drama, angst, PG-13): This fic will make you laugh until you practically puke. Then it will make you hyperventilate until you practically faint. Then it will take a left turn, drag you into the unexpected, and slap you with an ending that will have you rushing back to the beginning. Start with “Ten Going on Thirteen” then read the events from another character’s perspective in “Stay” for the full, heartbreaking effect.

*little rattle stilt by  angstslashhope  (gen, pre-series, angst, PG-ish): A glimpse of little Sam, how Dean is the answer to everything, life as John’s son, and the necessity for secrets. Two fists full of tissue are a prerequisite. Before you reach the end you will be biting your hand and your heart will be a lump of barely twitching goo on the floor. I promise.
*Fathers & Other Creatures of Legend by  coffee_in_bed  (gen, pre-series to present, angst, PG): Subtle angst in the way that is so much the show that it feels like this actually happened. Sam and Dean and wee!Sam and wee!Dean are drawn beautifully here. Like with all her stories, the magic is in the subtext, and the unique details make the writing breathe.
Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn the Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode in the Trunk) by clex_monkie89  (gen, pre-series, PG): half funny, half angsty, and 100% John. It’s a bittersweet look at life as a parent on the road. 
It’s Got Bells on by  lyra_wing  (gen, pre-series, humor, R): Teenaged Dean and Sam and the early prank wars. This is a tribute to “Hell House” and a glimpse at how the Nair incident could’ve gone down. This fic will put a smile on your face.   
Tag by  onelittlesleep  (gen, pre-series/Stanford, PG): Sam and Dean finding ways to be brothers despite the miles and years separating them.  Light and amusing with a huge awww factor. 
But I Never Could Sharpen No Blade, Quite the Way He Say by  onelittlesleep  (gen, pre-series/Standford-ish, R): This fic is probably on the entire universe’s rec list for good reason: it’s snippets of life wrapped around everything that is Sam and Dean, together and soon-to-be apart. The meaning filters through the details. The impact comes after the last sentence. The whole of this fic is greater than its parts. Read it slow because one you get to the end you’ll wish it was longer.

Vocabulary by  innie_darling  (gen, pre-series, PG): How Sam defines himself. This is Dean seen through the filter of little brother admiration and annoyance. Very Dean. Very Sam. 


Dec. 3rd, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
Now *these* are some recs!! Thanks! I have lots of great reading to do!

ps - I 2nd the rec for 'We walk the same line'.

Edited at 2007-12-03 01:32 am (UTC)
Dec. 4th, 2007 01:39 am (UTC)
This fandom has such talent, it's not hard to compile a huge list. Enjoy the fic, I certainly have.

I 2nd the rec for 'We walk the same line'.

That's one of my favorite "action/angst" fics. That level of desperation is hard to write without getting completely sensational with over-the-top drama. Plus, hurt!boys worried about each other in a manly way are fun. :)


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