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SPN Vid Recs (Gen)

Enabling the habit.  More SPN recs.  This time of the visual and silly nature.  Fic recs can be found in the previous post.  If you have any vid/misc. recs feel free to let me know.

More vid recs (action, het, slash, AU, crack) are here. (updated 12/15/08)
Gen and Pre-Series fic rec are here.
Het/Slash, AU/ Future, Humor/Crack fic recs live here.
Meta recs lurk here. (updated 12/10/08)

are must watch vids
+ are new recs (12/15/08)

Gen Vids
+*In Your Own Personal Codependent Wet Dream by fabella a.k.a wistful_fever, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “ JiB” 3x12): I adore EVERYTHING about this vid: the clip selection, the editing, the framing, the song choice (the bridge!), and the meta-like visual commentary about faith, saviors and the boys are just a handful of the positives.  Just go watch it.  Now.

+*The Fifth Circle by sockkpuppett, Sam (spoilers through “MS” 3x11): Sam, the 5th circle of Hell, the river Styx, and all sorts of visual THINKINESS.  One of the most well put-together vids I’ve ever seen.  You’ll be watching this over and over again, finding something new every time. 

+*Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts, Sam and Ruby (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): This vid explores Sam and Ruby’s relationship in S3.  With an excellent, unique clip selection and juxtaposition as well as editing that fits the song, it’s heads above most vids.  Just download it straight away because you’ll watch it more than once. 

+*Eulogy by girlguidejones , Dean (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): The refrain perfectly describes Dean: “I wanna live fast, love hard, die young and leave a beautiful memory.”  I can’t accurately describe this vid other than to say I love it.  Irony, ftw!

+*Lucky Man by el1ie, Dean (spoilers through “LR” 4x01): Dean, Dean, and more Dean.  Like the song, this vid is languid and angst-ridden and very, very pretty (like Dean).  I’d rec this vid just for the irony alone.

+*The Storm by wolfpup2000, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “AVSC” 3x08): THE BEST of the slew of post S3 tear-jerker vids.  This is Sam and Dean and their brotherly love through everything forever and ever amen.  Get your Kleenex, this is a whopper of a vid; the song alone will turn you into a puddle.

+*Sunday Bloody Sunday by starrylizard, Sam, Dean, John (spoilers through “AHBL-2” 2x22): This fandom does angst so well and this vid is a shining example of “the good kind of hurt”.  John, Sam, Dean, their lives together and apart, and everything they’ve sacrificed.  This is a must watch vid that should be on everyone’s rec list.

+*Demons by meltingconfetti, Dean (spoilers through “AHBL-2” 2x22): Possibly my favorite Dean angst vid.  The song is gorgeous.  The vid is gorgeous.  The subject matter is gorgeous.  Just.  Gah.  Gorgeous.  *flail*

+*Wake Once More by intrepidy, Sam and Dean (spoilers for “Faith” 1x12): a short episode recap vid that builds and builds and then explodes into color along with the instrumentals.  It’s dramatic and intense with a gorgeous opening shot.

+*Open Your Eyes by stir_of_echoes, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): deftly done, this vid has strong, clean editing that doesn’t detract from the song or narrative: all his life Dean only saw Sam. 

+What You Took From Me by dazzlebug, Sam, Dean, John, Azazel (spoilers through “AVSC” 3x08):  This vid has an interesting style that compliments a unique song choice.  I like the how the verses reflect the boys’ journey and what Azazel has cost them.

+epic love story by meltingconfetti, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “JiB” 3x12):  The title says it all.  This sweet, happy vid will have you smiling and revisiting your favorite brother moments. 

+In My Arms by alena2b, Sam and Dean (spoilers though “NRftW” 3x16): If you’re itching for an achy brotherly devotion vid this your one-stop shop, complete with strategically placed wee!chester flashbacks.

+I Ran (So Far Away) by maidensuit, Dean and Bela (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): The juxtaposition of Dean and Bela’s lives and decisions make this vid a visual meta.  The last minute is well edited and builds to a great conclusion.

+Waiting by intrepidy, ensemble (spoilers through “MS” 3x11): a black and white vid filled with familiar faces.  It’s a slow tug at your heart that capitalizes on the lyrics.  The clips accompanying “waiting with the orphans” will give you a lump in your throat.

+His Wings by ash48, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): Dean is Sam’s angel, brother love x 1000!  The clips are set perfectly to the lyrics of the song.

+In Loving Memory by meivocis, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “AHBL-2” 2x22): Dean remembers Sam after he’s gone.  Beyond that I don’t remember much as I bawling my eyes out.   

+I Want My Life by lsketch42, Dean (spoilers through “JiB” 3x12): Dean with a twist of angst and a side of emo-pain.  This vid is about what Dean wants, what is his life.

+Sell My Soul by barkley and destina, Sam (spoilers through “MS” 3x11): Sam’s S3 storyline.  This is a nicely paced vid with clean editing and lots of “Oh, Sam” moments. 

+Via inferi by kroki_refur, The Winchesters (spoilers through “NRftW” 3x16): I like the visual parallels drawn in this vid and the song is fitting for the family Winchester.  If you’re missing your quota of angst, the last minute features all of Dean’s deaths/near deaths.  Ouch my heart.

+This is War by mistojen, ensemble (spoilers through “JiB” 3x12): I have a soft spot for vids featuring minor characters.  It’s look back at what’s been sacrificed for war.  Warning: explicit lyrics.
*Growing Up by sweetestdrain, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “AVSC” 3x08): Sam and Dean and their journey. A terrific song and excellent clip choice make this an interesting statement about how far Sam and Dean have come since 2005. For a meta-like analysis go here.
*Jesus Christ by astartexx, Dean (spoilers through “Bedtime Stories” 3x05): Dean, faith, death, loss. A visual commentary about Dean and his issues surrounding John, Sam, hunting, life, death, and sacrifice, this vid juxtaposes surprising images that make it like a visual meta. It’s set to a unique song that makes an impact.

*All The Things by hay1ock, Sam and Dean (spoilers through "AVSC" 3x08): Get your tissues. Here’s a S3 vid full of teary boys and long pleading looks. It's a view of Dean through Sam’s eyes. Set to Kate Bush’s song “Woman’s Work”, it’s full of love, hope, and a touch of regret. The lyrics are gorgeous, and once you see it, you’ll agree this song was made for those boys.</lj>
*My hands by naisica, Sam and Dean (spoilers through the end of S2): Dean angst times a million. The use of split screen, color, blue-filtered and reversed and unsynchronized clips make this vid unique with a great “oo” factor. It’s set to a quiet, almost bare bones song that surprisingly works and yields a vid that is gorgeous and achy.</lj>
*The 6 Between Us by winterevanesce, Sam, the YED (spoilers through the end of S2): A study of the Sam/YED dynamic. This vid exploits the music in the best ways possible. For the first half of the vid the straight forward cuts mimic the understated music, but then change to masked clips with full effects as the music explodes. The narrative also follows this progression, showing how much Sam has changed since S1.</lj>
*Hemorrhage by fabella a.k.a wistful_fever, Sam, Dean, John (spoilers through “Hunted” 2x10): This vid has all the things you love in the show: angst, blood, love, sacrifice. The choreography is terrific. From clip arrangement to nice zoom outs during long notes to lyric exploitation, it’s solid and satisfying. Production notes.</lj>
Pieces by mnallison02, Sam, Dean, John, Mary (spoilers through the end of S2): A Dean-centric vid that shows the pieces of his life. There are some nice photoframe effects, and the parallel construction around John, Mary, and Sam is well done. I love the song.</lj>
SPN Vid by mnallison02, Sam, Dean (spoilers through the end of S2): The boys are coming undone. This vid is slightly scary and definitely alarming, but in a good way. It rocks out to the great base line and shows the angry side of those Winchester boys.</lj>
Protège Moi by charmax, Sam, Dean (spoilers through the end of S1): Inspired by film noir/Sin City, this is a short black and white vid splashed with deep red. Visually interesting and very pretty, it’s set to yet another Placebo song (yay!).</lj>
Deus Ibi Est by charmax, John (spoilers through the end of S2): John Winchester, the single minded soldier. The vid marches along strong with a clear and clean editing style that’s so fitting for John and matches the song perfectly. Solid and well constructed, this is one of my favorite John-centric vids. </lj>
God’s Gonna Cut You Down by kiki_miserychic, John (spoilers through “IMToD” 2x01):  This John-centric vid is set to an awesome remix of Johnny Cash’s song (see title). The clips are synched nicely with the music, and grainy effects are used in key places to kick it up a notch. If you’re a John fan, you’ll enjoy this vid.</lj>
Hey Pretty by astartexx, the Impala, Sam, Dean (spoilers through the end of S1): Clips of a shiny black car set to a very appropriate song: Poe’s “Hey Pretty”. This vid has stood the test of time; it’s a classic just like a certain '67 Impala.</lj>
Come On, Angel by fabella a.k.a wistful_fever, Sam, Dean, John (spoilers through the end of S1): A study of the struggle between the Winchester brothers. There’s just something about this vid I like. Maybe it’s the song or the grainy look or maybe it’s just the unexplainable X-factor.  Production notes.
*To Be A Ghost by astartexx, Dean (spoilers through ... ah, I don't know it was too fast!): Whoa. Just holycrapwhoa. This is head and shoulders above any fan vid I’ve ever stumbled across. This will keep someone with ADHD transfixed. Fast cuts, split screens (up to oh, four at a time), and other effects I know nothing about other than they look cool and are probably time consuming to create. Just download it straight away because you’ll have to watch it more than once just to SEE everything in it.</lj>
*Born to Kill by ringwench, The Winchesters, the YED, family business (spoilers through the end of S1): I love Matt Good, his songs build slowly and then explode with dramatic instrumentals. This video is no different. The most gorgeous clips (pans, establishing shots) from the first season were incorporated, lending to the very cinematic feel. This high drama, epic video is worth more than one look.</lj>
*All That I Am by lithiumdoll, a.k.a. halcyon_shift, The Winchester family (spoilers through “Croatoan”): This is an angst-ridden, achy, and moody video that flows from one character to another seamlessly. The acts of this video are organized to the lyrics which fit perfectly with the family Winchester. This video should be on everyone’s rec list.</lj>
*All of This Past by brighette, Dean, his past, and what could’ve been (spoilers for “WIAWSNB”): This is a terrific video. The editing is well done and the song is quiet and reflective, a good choice for a “WIAWSNB” episodic video.  The juxtaposition of clips from the Pilot, “Home”, and “WIAWSNB” adds to the what-if feel. The way the black and white clips flip in the transition from the wishworld to reality is very clever.  </lj>
Hallelujah by CharliMill, John and angst (spoilers through “IMToD”): John’s life. The song choice is perfect for this slow, haunting, and soulful video. I couldn’t find this vidder on LJ, thus the YouTube link. Sorry.
Two Step by sockkpuppett, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “Hell House”): I’d never think to pair SPN with Dave Matthews, but it somehow works. The song builds nicely, and with the editing it inspires a feeling of … uh … frantic angst *grins* that’s punctuated by brotherly bonding and many boyish grins.</lj>
Blind by meivocis, John, Sam, Dean with Mary and Jess (spoilers through “Simon Said”): I love the three acts of this video: John, Sam, and Dean. The narrative highlights their parallel lives and is captures season one perfectly. Plus, there’s a series of gorgeous establishing shots of the Impala driving that make me want to hug the cinematographer and directors of the show. This is a great video set to an even greater song.</lj>
Blind by exsequar, Dean and Sam, Dean POV (spoilers through the end of S1):</lj>
Yeah, I really like this song. I like seeing how different vidders interpret the same music (I’m such a geek in that way). This vid ultilizes similar clips as “Blind” by meivocis up until the beginning of the first refrain where there’s a lovely little kick of a clip. From then on it centers on Sam and Dean. The use of repeated as well as backwards played clips and those infamous pans and establishing shots make this video more visually appealing than most.
Fell on Black Days by ringwench, Sam character study (spoilers through end of S2): A great video if you’re itching for clips from the end of season two. This is Sam and his struggle with his “destiny”. The choice of clips set back-to-back, false coloring, match cuts, and masks show a darker side to Sam that is startling, especially considering everything is from the show. Meep. 
Ghost Song by trelkez, Sam and his visions (spoilers through "Salvation"): A high quality video with sharp editing set to an interesting song. This is an all around solid video. </lj>
The Good Out There by maygin80, everyone and their mother, including Ellen (spoilers through the end of S2): A video built around Sam and Dean’s conversation at the end of “Houses of the Holy”. It’s quiet, understated, and features familiar faces of days past that will have you cursing Kripke and his chopping block. If you need a break from traditional music videos that seem to reshow the same clips, then this is the video for you.</lj>
With or Without You by hay1ock, Sam and Dean (spoilers through “BUaBS”): The best way to describe this is to quote Sera Gamble, “[it’s] the epic love story of Sam and Dean.” Non-wincesty (unless you want to imagine it that way).</lj>
Turn You Inside Out by sisabet, John, Sam, Dean, (spoilers through “BUaBS”): I like this video because it features John with a side of Sam and Dean. The song will have you tapping your feet as you enjoy all The Pretty.</lj>
Demons by mnallison02, drama/angst, (spoilers through “BUaBS”): Sometimes you’re in the mood for something dramatic. This is “super” drama undisguised.


Jan. 21st, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
Wow, this is an amazing rec list! Thanks for sharing, I've been out of commission for awhile and this was just what I needed on my first couple of days back to LJ. I'll be vid watching all weekend.

If you ever decide to share some recs over at spnvidrecs we'd be happy to have you. :D
Jan. 21st, 2008 07:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I suppose it's the least I can do considering all of the great vids floating around. :)

I've been watching spnvidrecs for a while. What a nice community. Thanks for putting it together.


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