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My fic rec list outgrew its one-post size limit!  Doh.

Gen and Pre-Series fic recs are here.
Vid and misc. recs live here.  
Meta recs can be found here.

are must reads.
+ are new recs (1/15/08).

Lurve and Lust (Canon Relationship) Fic
+the last rites of st. joan by  fated_addiction (het, Sam/Jess, PG): Jess at Stanford during the pilot. The lyrical way this fic is written gives it an interesting feel. I like the portrayal of Jess and her struggle between trusting her gut feelings and dismissing them.   

The (Somewhat) Epic Love Story of Sam Winchester & Jess Moore
by  queencria (het, Sam/Jess, R): This is Jess and Sam: flirty, nervous, doing embarrassing things, but most of all being normal. Jess is feisty, loyal, respectful, smart, slightly mouthy, and funny, like how I’d imagine her to be, and her characterization melds seamlessly with the dialogue from the pilot.  Sam as a happy, regular college guy makes it seem like the estrangement from John and Dean was a well-deserved necessity. This is a satisfying break from the angst.
Swell by  innie_darling (het, Sam/Jess, R): a romanticized glimpse of Jess and Sam on a not-so-special Saturday morning. It’s love in the details, caught up in the everyday mundane moments. I liked the atmosphere this fic inspired, in particular the last two paragraphs. 
Lacuna by  innie_darling (het, Dean/Cassie, R): Dean and Cassie the first time around. This is a long, romanticized look at Dean through Cassie’s eyes. If you are a Dean fan, this is for you -- it’s like a love letter to Dean written in second person POV. 

Other Lurve and Lust (Non-canon Relationship) Fic

+like a bubble heading for a spike by oxoniensis (het, Sam/Ruby, Dean, R): Sam and Ruby and their evolution. Like pieces making up a mosaic, these short snippets come together to form something bigger than themselves. The Ruby and Sam voices are good and the tone of their dynamic rings true.
+Make the Yuletide Gay by nomelon (Sam/Dean, angst, NC-17): A coda to 3x08 that shows the intimacies of love and trust conveyed through the act of shaving.This is a first time fic, and I love how the use of crazy, flippant words like “spaz out”, “squashed”, “hugely freaked out”, and “big, horny blanket” articulate Sam, the determined and desperate yet slightly freaked out boy he is.
*Virgin Sacrifice by rushlight75 (Sam/Dean, NC-17, Warnings: incest, semi-consensual sex): Dean and Sam have to reenact an ancient Aztec ritual in order to stop a curse. Don’t let the premise scare you away. It’s written beautifully with convincing dialogue and great Sam and Dean voices. It’s about Sam and Dean’s relationship and trust, devotion, and love and makes incest believable and understandable in a way even anti-Wincest shippers will take their hats off to.

*Knowledge of Dead Secrets by  rei_c (Sam/OMC/OFC, Sam/Dean, NC-17, Warnings: incest): An AU fic where Dean goes to pick up Sam at Stanford and finds that Sam’s not alone in his skin. This is a fascinating read about Loa and Vodou, Supernatural style. If you like a more take charge, self-sacrificing Sam (with tattoos), you’ll like this epic fic.   

The War Widow by  vinylroad (het, Sam/Ellen, Adult, S2): “The war widow and the war orphan; a battle married and born into, that neither chose, but were chosen for.” Even though this might be an untraditional pairing, this fic paints Sam and Ellen in a believable way. It’s stark and honest and resonates Ellen. 

AU and Future Fic

+*A Year and a Day by  maygra (gen, drama/angst, future fic, R): How Sam broke Dean’s deal. This is one of the most epic, well written and researched fics I’ve read. It jumps around in time, weaves together different threads, and introduces interesting OCs without getting long-legged and self-indulgent. The understated drama and slow, deep omg!whisper angst augment the brotherly bond that makes up the heart of this story. If you’re looking for something meaty and satisfying to sink your teeth into and want Sam and Dean at their self-sacrificing best, look no further. 
+*Limited-Stop by  allie_quixotic (gen, angst, future fic, R): Ben Braeden is on a hunt for answers. This fic has sharp prose and singular detail. The angst is so stratospheric you’ll be in orbit for days.

*Patchwork by  femmenerd (het, Sam/OFC, Sam and Dean, AU early S2, R): This fic is everything you’d wish for the boys: a home, fatherhood, peace. It’s achingly sweet but real and awkward in all the ways settling into another person’s life are. The original character works because she’s so well drawn. Her presence doesn’t dilute Sam and Dean’s brotherly relationship, but compliments it. After reading this, you’ll wish it was canon. The ending will induce sniffles of happiness.
*When It's Over by  wynter_rebel (gen, drama, future fic, R): When it’s over, Dean makes sure Sam’s taken care of. This future fic is heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s a little long-legged, but it unfolds nicely and centers on the difficulties in relearning an old and new life at the same time. Make sure you have Kleenex while reading.
What Has To Be Done by  pheebs1 (gen, drama, future fic, PG-13): One Winchester running the army of demons, one gone AWOL; Bobby must do what has to be done. I love the premise of this fic. A part of me really wants this to happen, especially the ending.  

*All the stars may shine bright by  niz4 (het, Sam/Jess; Dean, AU post-pilot, NC-17): Jess lives and learns to hunt with the boys. Sam and Dean’s characterizations are maintained nicely. Jess is tough, sweet, sews buttons, and somehow fits. I like the added dimension she lends to the boys’ relationship -- it reminds me of a rickety tripod, each leg a necessity to keep everything upright. I love the verbage and the pretty pictures these words paint.

*Abbandon by  sangga (AU, future fic, I’m guessing R): Sam sans Dean, fragmented and piecing himself back together. This fic’s ingenuity and originality in its construction, presentation, and the deftness of its execution is staggering. It's parsecs beyond your everyday fic, and is something you absolutely must stick with to the end because it keeps getting better. A must read.

Arcana: A Hunter’s Herbal by  sangga (AU, future-fic, PG-13ish?): Sam in Lawrence, visions, and Missouri. This sequel to “Abaddon” is worth every single word. Missouri’s voice is authentic, Sam without Dean is strangely real, and the twist at the end is earned.
Humor and Crack Fic

Heads Up by  minkmix (gen, humor, PG, S1): This fic makes me laugh. Every. Time.
20 Things Sam Winchester Is Not Allowed To Do by  deirdre_c (gen, humor, PG-13ish): The title sums up it up perfectly. SPN humor at its best.

*Conversational Winchester for Trolls by  eloise_bright (gen, crack, PG-13): A cracktastically cracky character meta-fic hybrid for all three Winchesters with trolls and metaphorical constructs. I made a separate “crack” category just so this fic wouldn’t be buried in the gen list because EVERYONE in the fandom must experience the hilarity. I think I gave myself a hernia I laughed so hard. 
Tchaikovsky's Another One Bites by  uschickens (gen, crack, G): John and the YED trapped together in their collective, intellectual construction of Hell. Shag carpeting, Hungry Hungry Hippos (yay!), knitting competitions, and things sucking really hard in a cracktastic way because, well, it’s Hell, and it has a sense of humor.


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Jan. 16th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
Yay, more recs!
Jan. 16th, 2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
*waves pompoms* "Go, fic!"

More recs are never a bad thing. :)

Sep. 22nd, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to drop in and say how much I've been immensely enjoying your recs, and I was wondering if you were open to recommendations. I found a SPN 'verse called Fusion, and It's kind of a future AU. I think you'd like it.

Sep. 29th, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Hiya...
Hi! *waves* Thanks for letting me know you've been perusing. I'm glad you like the recs even though they're from years and years ago (oldies but goodies perhaps).

Thanks for the fic rec(s). I hadn't seen that verse before, but, wow, is it ever meaty. Lots to dig into, which is always a treat. I'll make sure to check them out! :)
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