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SPN 8x14

Dear Show,

Thanks for deciding to start the season half way through. It was really a haha-funny-but-not-bait-and-switch joke to stick in those first 10 episodes and then warm us up with the past three as if to say, "JUST KIDDING! Don't quit me I'm totally awesome still. Let me show you." You and all your fuzzy flashbacks and mad brothers who were mad really had us going. It's good to know that you're maybe not suffering from dissociative identity disorder and/or dementia and/or depression anymore, but if you are please don't make the car disappear again. Or take Dean's bedroom away. Or make Sam wear shirts. Also, don't injure, maim, burn, torture, dehair, or give the boys anymore pretend/just kidding/AU STDs. But it would be okay to make both the them nearsighted or farsighted or one of them nearsighted and the other one farsighted (you know, then they'd really be the perfect pair), so they'd have to wear glasses even in their sleep. The occasional instance of choking against the wall or by an animated coat of armor, lamp cord, Tulpa with an axe, or a strangely huge extra playing a demon is okay, I guess, but only if there's hugging and/or concerned looks afterward followed by some crying and beer-bottle clinking. And having Dean show Sam how to fix the Impala while not talking about anything of significance during long moments of great significance wouldn't hurt either. Oh, and lens flares are okay, too, but only during Big Damn Hero Moments. And as long as I have your attention, I'd also like to congratulate you on your super early renewal because it means that you'll have another season to make it up to us for the first 10 episode of this season and also those missing 6 episode from S3 when all your writers were forced to stand outside with hand-drawn signs and giant coffees and not write anything except fanfiction. So Show take your meds, get plenty of sleep, use safety scissors, don't stick tweezers in weird places, and keep being awesome.


P.S. When in doubt just stick in some brother touching and nobody will notice anything else.

P.P.S. Any day with Dean's amulet reveal. You know, the one where Sam drags it out of his pocket that he's been hiding it in for the last 3, 4, 5 years ... what year is it supposed to be ... 2015? a long time and gives it back to Dean. Who cries.

On a more serious note: OMG, you guys!!!!!! Freaking glasses! *raids Lens Crafters and shoves everything into a FedEx box addressed to the Props Dept.* :D :D :D

ETA: I know it's been years since the silly showed up at this journal. But I'm totally being serious in a dumb way here. The reality is that I enjoyed this episode to the moon and back and am finally excited about this season and its potential. So I guess when I'm excited about Show I get ridiculously stoopid and puke out ridiculously stoopid posts that are serious in stoopidly not serious ways. :) Also, welcome new flisters! I'm not always so glib.

ETA x 2: And I just had to repost this from growyourwings because it's so gloriously old school Sam-n-Dean that's not old school Sam-n-Dean anymore:

*ugly cries sloppy tears* ILU, Show. *chin wobble*



Feb. 16th, 2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
hope that the first part of the season will stay as remote as purgatory

That's a very nice way of putting it.

The opening scene was fabulous, not only because it was domestic and hopeful but because, by God it continued to do something new.

The MoL idea is just such a terrific injection. Not only because now the boys have a home, but because it has so much untapped potential in which to expand. Sam and Dean's world has been shrinking steadily over the years as a construction of the mytharcs (esp. last season) and making the brothers be so exclusive to each other. That's partially responsible for the recycled/stale feeling over the years (there's only so many ways to create conflict and make a story with one 2 main characters). So, more than anything, the expansion of their world with even the potential for breathing room is just so refreshing.

Whatever happened to Dean's resolve at the end of S5 that Sam has to take his own risks and pay his own price for things?

It does feel a little like a regression here. But I can see it also being a result of once again going back to his old standby mo bec. giving Sam his blessing at the end of S5 ended so badly and left Dean, once again, alone and then with a soulless Sam. Old habits die hard and I feel like Dean so often makes a little headway and then reverts back to his safety net when beat down or unsure.

It seems to me they're setting this up to be a sort of payback by Sam because he didn't look for Dean in purgatory.

I sure hope not. My gut feeling is that whole Sam-didn't-look-for-Dean is just meant to be taken as it is and left to burn in the smouldering rubble of those first 10 episodes. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. ;)

I immediately starting thinking about it in terms of character motivation. I wrote a plot tiger/motivation tiger meta years back, talking about how characters are attached to the story, and this season, it would seem, that Sam--who really wants to leave hunting--needs to be attached to the plot so he doesn't just get up and leave the story (thus make him be the one to do the trials). Whereas Dean's entire motivation is to hunt forever and ever, and he doesn't need to be stuck to the plot because there's no threat of him going anywhere.

I liked that so much because it showed Sam speaking from experience

Character growth! It's been a long time coming.

I like the contrast between Sam's steady push compared to Dean's big gesture way of doing things. Mostly I like that we can actually have some sort of reasonable difference between them that speaks to their own way of interpreting their past.

Yes. Lovely. I think perception is really a powerful thing and should be used more in SPN bec. we have these 2 characters that have essentially had 8 seasons worth of characterization. It's a deep history that can be now mined for more subtle and interesting aspects. Also, from a fannish perspective it would be satisfying to dig deeper into who Sam and Dean are as individuals bec. I feel like so much really has been devoted to building the collective brother identity or who Sam and Dean are without each other rather than who they themselves are.


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