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SPN 8xwhaaaa?

AWKWARD. *says in a sing-songy voice*

*scrubs brain with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and shuffles away to stick head in a paper bag and die of second-hand embarrassment*

I didn't buy the weird reincarnation of Dean in this episode.  It was like it was supposed to be funny, but really it was sort of painfully out of place and trying too hard.  Poor Dean, being the funny man to Sam's straight man, he seems to get an unfair amount of contortionist characterization in the name of cheap, off-putting humor.  This episode gave me the same sour aftertaste that "Caged Heat" did where all the sexist, derogatory language made me cringe and do a double take at the writers of the episode who were making Sam and Dean act very much not like Sam and Dean.

On a positive note, I liked the first scene with Sam and the familiar in her dog form and her perfectly haha ta-da reveal with Dean's arrival.  Also that actress was gorgeous and so was that doberman.

That's about it.  Next week has to be better, right?  *cringes*  Anyone know who wrote next week's episode?

ETA: A perfect visual summary of this episode (ha, my mad Photoshop skills): ;)

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