Billie Bowtrunckle (bowtrunckle) wrote,
Billie Bowtrunckle

What's Up Mash-up

1.  I knew that the SPN community on LJ has been in decline for a while, but I just about choked when I saw the most recent spnnewsletter.  A total of 8 items posted in the last day, 3 of which are fic?  Really?  I can't help but wonder if posts from some comms accidentally got left out, but somehow I'm inclined to think that it may be due to an overall lack of fannish inspiration.  Is this what happens when a show gets a little long in the tooth?  :(

2.  Who else is watching Kripke's "Revolution" on NBC?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Is it bad that I keep inserting Sam and Dean and thinking, "This would be so much better if there were Winchesters," or imagining that it's really SPN's 2014 post-apocalypse universe and expecting Dean and his thigh holster and stoner!Cas and his sandals to pop up from behind a bush, or saying out loud that "Revolution" needs a toilet-paper hoarding character like Chuck.  Bargh.  Apparently Show has ruined me for all other shows.

3.  I finally watched "The Hunger Games".  I know, I'm totally behind in pretty much everything (Don't even ask about my clothes.  I now understand those mom makeovers whereas before I always wondered how the heck someone could let themselves wear such clothes and look so ... mom-ish.  If I ever want to be stylish again, I'm going to have to go back to working outside the home so I have an excuse to literally buy an entire new wardrobe.  Yes, it's that bad.).  Now I'm going to have to actually read the books.  Wish me luck.  I haven't had the attention and time to read a published book since T was born.  Does anyone know anything about the "Hunger Games" fandom?  Active?  General demographic?  Super wanky and/or irrationally shippy?  LJ communities, yay or nay?

4.  How scary is "The Walking Dead"?  Like nightmare worthy or just-jump-around-in-your-seat-then-laugh-at-yourself scary or I'm-never-going-into-my-garage-at-night-EVER-AGAIN-EVER scary?  I watched a webisode series quite a while ago and cried the whole time because I was freaked out (OK, not cry cried, but apparently the flight and fright part of my lizard brain is hot wired to my tear ducts, I know, WEIRD).  Now I want to watch it because ZOMBIES *makes a zombie face*, but I'm afraid I'm just going to be a freaked-out teary mess who goes through a box of Kleenex every episode and then never goes into the garage at night EVER AGAIN EVER.

5.  Boston, you're in my thoughts tonight. 
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