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Messy Pants

So I've been purposefully not thinking about SPN in an attempt to not paint a "this should happen" picture in my head so I don't have lofty expectations and get my hopes up in the likely chance--based on my tenuous, hot-and-cold relationship with this entire season--that I'll be massively disappointed and then grouchy and ranty when the credits roll at end of 8x23.  But the spoilers that have been trickling out have me literally messing my pants and thinking, "IS THIS FOR REAL?!" (the spoilers, not the messy pants).  I don't know if I should start fast clapping and screaming like a 10-year old at Harry Potter Land or if I should just stop. reading. spoilers. now. so I don't paint all sorts of elaborate "this should happen" pictures in my head only to be disappointed in the end.  Grawhahhh.  Why does it feel like SPN is the teenager I don't have: I simultaneously want and don't want to know what they're doing both for fear of what I'll find out and will and won't happen.  Show, you make me more insane than I already am.  *shakes fists*  BTW, I'm so glad you're coming back for S9, so you can prove to me you are responsible and trustworthy enough to have car privileges again.  *hugs and kisses*

Why does my mood theme not have an option for "insane"?!  Is that not a relevant state of mind?


Apr. 18th, 2013 12:05 pm (UTC)
They are crazy making. But in the past, it was for me always good crazy making. It was fun to flail and be spazzy. The big difference now is that my confidence that SPN will deliver on the potential awesomeness of these spoilers is lacking. So now I'm not sure if I should be flaily and spazzy or not as a defense mechanism. It's silly, really, to be like this about a TV show, but honestly it's a fun, convenient, harmless outlet for me. I just want to be able to enjoy fandom again in all of it's silly glory. *sniff* Here's hoping for better.


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