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So apparently when I'm super busy and stressed out, my brain's way of coping is to retreat to a place of total irrelevance and expend lots of energy into thinking about things that will absolutely not result in any real life productivity or reduction in the aforementioned crazytimes and stress (and then taking precious time to write a meaningless post about it, using lots of annoying parenthetical comments).  And this is apparently how/when SPN meta and Show Thoughts hijack my life. -_-  Or it could be that I've realized Show is starting soon and I've not written anything about it for a really, really long time despite the fact I have some apparently raging, strong opinions on lots things including last season (and why I'm giving Carver the sink eye even though I don't want to care that much); the spin off, trends in the entertainment industry, and this upcoming season; the last 10 minutes of 8x23 and Carver and his 3-year "plan" (and why I'm still giving him the stink eye even though I don't want to care that much); supporting characters, why I still can't get on the Castiel and Crowley bandwagon, and the effects of fannish popularity vs. show runner vision (and why I'm still giving Carver the sink eye even though I don't want to care that much); and finally, based on all of the above, why the hell am I still watching this TV show, which obviously causes me to think way too much about non-RL things when I should be frosting birthday cupcakes and cleaning toilets.  Blarghhhh!  You guys, I'm so mentally constipated it's almost painful.  Someone send me a babysitter or 30.  And froufrou coffee.  And a 36 hour day.  And kids who don't zombie sleepwalk into my room and body slam me in bed 6 times a night.  On a cautiously brighter note: S9 is almost here (hopefully I won't be giving Carver the stink eye at the end of the premiere).  *runs away to a place with coconuty drinks and grass huts*


Oct. 12th, 2013 04:50 am (UTC)
I've been ranting about Supernatural S8/9 in my head for the past 4 months, and yet I seem incapable of just letting the show go.

I hear you. I've been doing pretty much the same thing and vacillating between not thinking about it at all due to be completely uninspired by S8, which is probably worse as I didn't even have the energy to care.

Not to mention that I would loath to turn into one of those fans who spoil all the fun for others because their love turned to hate.

This is why I try to ... erm ... not post super ranty things except when I do. I'd, too, hate to become that downer fan who never has anything positive to say and ruin SPN for others, but there is something to be said about discussion, being genuinely interested in what others have to say, and writing in order to make sense of things for yourself and to share that with others. It's hard for me to see you start posting raving mad, nonsensical SPN reviews. To me, you've always been quite even handed, and it's clear that you care about SPN and are just show bashing for the sake of creating waves.

I guess it's a testament to my deep and abiding love for these characters.

Like I wrote in another comment, "I'm in it until the end even if it means I stop writing about it on LJ for everyone's sanity and watch it between my fingers while raging and screaming into a pillow." Gah, Sam and Dean!


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