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My Head is Broken, That's My Excuse

So sorry for sucking at replying to comments and anything else I've not been able to do, but I have a valid-ish excuse.  It's something terribly mundane and gross sounding at the same time: CLUSTER HEADACHES otherwise endearingly known as "suicide headaches" (which totally makes me feel better, not).  From my google/WebMD search (I know self diagnosis is not smart, but when you feel like you want to rip your brain out of your ear with a needle-nosed pliers because you're sure there's a metastasizing tumor wrapping around your optic nerve and you can't get into the doctor for a week, speculative answers are better than none) apparently these babies are super intense (think red hot poker pressed into one part of your brain over and over and over and over....) and super painful (gee, really?) and nobody knows why they happen or how they go away and can last for hours to days to week to months.  WTF HEAD!????  Whyyyyyyyy?  So besides not feeling 100%, I end up freaking out the world at large (because, you know, kids and life mean that I can't just crawl into a dark hole under my house and die) by lurching around wincing and trying not to clutch my head.  And I made myself laugh yesterday realizing that I probably look like Sam Winchester having a vision with all the staggering and wincing while trying to act like absolutely nothing is wrong because it's embarrassing to be in the middle of Target staring at baby butt cream and obviously looking like you're having psychic death visions.  Oh gah, this is so not funny that's it's stupidly hilarious in a dumb way.  So, yeah, I was sincere in my yay!Meta post and have lots of Show thoughts and want to be all talky about 9x01, but my brain has other ideas for the foreseeable future.  :(  So annoying....



Oct. 12th, 2013 06:57 am (UTC)
Cluster headaches = pure evil.
Oct. 30th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
It sounds like you've experienced them. O.O I did get to a doctor a week later and she said, "We'll talk about treatment if it happens again." So hopefully there isn't an "again" ever.


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