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Billie Bowtrunckle
I am a spaz but most of the time I pass as relatively normal. I pretend to write in order to stretch the underused right hemisphere of my brain and bounce around in fandom as a secret indulgence (it's the inedible version of chocolate lava cake). I'm trained in science but need other creative outlets with different strictures, thus the meta, fic, and spnematography.

I enjoy being outside (mostly when it doesn't involve snow), and am slightly neurotic about being organized. I love Thai food and could live off of pad thai and banana pancakes indefinitely (shh, ignore the part about the pancakes not being traditional thai food). If I could go anywhere again it would be to Corsica. If I could obliterate anything in the world, it would be the grammatical rules associated with commas (dieevilcommasdie). I (obviously) have issues with parentheses. I hate boiled liver, yak, and garlic soup. I love my husband and 2 kids, Sunday-morning waffles and tea, cooking, and falling asleep in the grass next to the lake.

This journal is mostly public. Personal entries with pictures and such are f-locked to protect the innocent. I'm always up for meeting new people, babbling about most anything, and fangirling SPN (I'm submitting a request to Webster's to add "fangirl" as a noun AND a verb). Feel free to say "hi" if you friend me. I don't bite. I'll likely friend you back if your journal isn't empty and it seems like we're on the same wavelength as I like to get to know people on my flist.

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